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Seamless magnolia-          whitish Spring me a petal -yellow Swirly leaves Fields of lilies tumbles Field of tulips- multi Phlox seamless A napkin for everyone FLOWERS Stripe diagonals Relax collection- cloud   spiral geo, stripe carlos Fields of tulips- blue Magnolia seamless- blue Fields of tulips -purple Fields of tulips colourways Spiral geo- school grey    and white Fields of tulips- green 3 daisies Field of daisy - small Daisy stripe All daisy Vintage years stripe Poppy- red Vintage stripe Primrose- yellow Lemon blossom Bubbles and heart        overlap - multi Cloudy- brown, yellow,          white Scenery seamless Petals kaleidoscope Chinese floral      paper cutting Chev bursting Roses for real - peach Chevy long- bright Floral wonders Spring floral cheaters   Quilt or patchwork Whale of a time  Playful whale Rock rose flower garden Poppy- pink Hero in me Poppy - peach Bubbles everywhere Bird on twig Ribbons and bows  tripe- horizontal Spotty Squares and more             geometrics Playful penguins Truly geek fonts         accessories Spring me a petal-white FLOWERS FLOWERS FLOWERS FLOWERS